The Narrative Tradition is a teaching method that offers a unique and personally transformative experience of the Enneagram. 

The Narrative Tradition promotes an open exploration of each personality type through the interactive method of panel interviews, which bring the Enneagram to life through meaningful conversation and insights. This sophisticated method of inquiry demonstrates the types, their struggles, dilemmas, strengths and separate paths of development. Exemplars of each type continuously teach us about themselves at ever deepening levels of awareness, and we learn from exploring with them. 

Ultimately, the Enneagram is an “inside job” of determining your type and coming to know and understand your own focus of attention, core beliefs, coping strategies and path of development. Identifying your type is not based on external behaviors, but rather from understanding how your behavioral patterns relate to your habit of attention, motivation and personal experience. 

In Narrative Tradition workshops, each participant plays an active role in noticing his or her own patterns leading to more conscious awareness about ourselves, our behavior in the world, and our relationships.

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By listening to representatives of each Enneagram type share their personal stories and reveal their inner worlds and realities, you will discover how to recognize personality differences from direct experience, learning with all three centers of intelligence - mind, emotion and body.