Building Successful Relationships with the Enneagram

Workshops with Peter O'Hanrahan

The Enneagram is a system of nine personality types first developed by psychologists in Berkeley, California in the early 70's. Now the system has spread to many countries around the world for applications in family life, psychotherapy, spiritual direction, education, and business. 

The Enneagram is used in many different ways but the underlying themes always have to do with self knowledge and relationships with others. There is simply no better tool available to describe the ways that different personality types think and feel and how they approach relating. Once we understand the key issues and concerns of the people in our lives, we have a powerful set of suggestions and tips that will help us to build better relationships with many different kinds of people.

No one can be reduced to a number. Each person has a unique inner self that is deserving of recognition and support. However, personality does not always reflect this essential self and often gets in the way. Working with the nine patterns of personality in a context of self awareness and self acceptance allows our deepest self to shine forth and connect with others. 

In this workshop we will look at ways to bring our best selves to our relationships at home and at work, and we will identify useful strategies that help us create successful relationships with each of the nine personality types. Beyond strategy, the Enneagram makes it possible for us to develop deep compassion for others, including those whose style and point of view are very different from our own.

Peter & Pat O'Hanrahan have an ongoing Monthly Study Group on Relationships at their home in the SF East Bay area in California.

Who will benefit:

Anyone who would like to improve their relationships with the people in their lives: intimates, family members and colleagues. It’s best if you know your own Enneagram type.

If you do not know your type, please visit for information on the nine types and a $10 typing questionnaire. Also recommended: Helen Palmer’s book, The Enneagram in Love and Work (Harper), which has a great index of the different relationship combinations and the issues that come up. 

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How your personality’s point of view and emotional habits affect your relationships. 
  • Your patterns of reactivity and some simple techniques for working with them. 
  • How your communication style affects other people, and what you can do to get positive results. 
  • Tips for building rapport with people of all nine personality types. 
  • What different people need in order to feel supported and appreciated at a deep level.